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Wednesday 14 December 2011 17:00 -
Down by love
Office of the Hungarian Cultural Counsellor

Screening the Hungarian Film
" Down by love "
Subtitle in English
It is a tragic movie about the love of a woman and about the total selfish attitude of a man , who has his wife , home , family and wants to keep his young lover too
الأربعاء 14 ديسمبر 2011 الساعة الخامسة بعد الظهر
عــرض الفيلــم المجــرى
" سقوط الحب "
مترجم باللغة الانجليزية
قصة الدراما تدور حول قصة حب مع فتاة شابــة مع رجل أكبر منها وتصرفاته التى تتسم بالأنانية حيث انـــه
يملك الزوجــة و منزله و عائلتـه و فى نفس الوقت يريـد الاحتفاظ لنفسـه أيضاً بحبيتــه الصغيرة السن .
فى مكتب المستشار الثقافى المجرى
13 شارع جواد حسنى – وسط البلد


Wednesday 16 November 2011 -
Thursday 8 December 2011, 19:00
Exhibition of Liszt Ferenc
Office of the Hungarian Cultural Counsellor
Liszt Ferenc születésének 200. évfordulója alkalmából Dr. Kveck Péter Nagykövet úr nyitja meg a világhírű zeneszerző, karmester és zongorista életét bemutató kiállítást 2011. november 16-án 19 órakor. A kiállítás 2011. december 8-án 14 óráig, nyitvatartási időben látogatható.




إذا فكرت في المجر، فما هي الثلاث عجائب/ معجزات التي تطرأ إلي ذهنك؟

أكتب لنا إذا كانت لديك فكرة جيدة فيما يتعلق بهذا الموضوع! واترك لخيالك العنان فالعجائب/ المعجزات يمكن أن تكون أي شيء: بالاتون، بودابست، فرنس بوشكاش، ألفولد، مياه الاستشفاء، حلويات عصائبية شوملوي، أو اللغة المجرية نفسها! إذا تطرق إلي ذهنك أي شيء في هذا الخصوص فيما لا يزيد عن خمس صفحات، فاشترك معنا!

كما يمكنك أن تكتب باليد أو علي الحاسب الآلي، بالإنجليزية أو المجرية أو العربية.

كما يمكنك ارسالها بالبريد علي العنوان التالي:

المركز الثقافي المجري، القاهرة، عابدين، شارع جواد حسني، رقم 13، الطابق الثاني، أو بالبريد الإلكتروني

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. علي:

أو أن تُحْضرها شخصيا حتي الأول من ديسمبر 2011.

عنوان المسابقة: عجائب/ معجزات المجر الثلاث.

أفضل ثلاثة متسابقين يحصلون علي جوائز، فانهض فربما تكون أحد الفائزين!




Saturday 3 December 2011 18:30 -
Bus Drive Life Coaching Free Seminar
13th Gawad Hosni Str. 2nd floor Abdin, Cairo

 The Bus Drive is a journey in the inner self where a person:
- Discovers self
- Enjoys being
- Have ownership

It is time for a 2 hours speech of motivational and inspirational self esteem building and self discovery where big things don't matter anymore and little things make sense. It is an interactive group coaching where fun is the name of the game. 

Coaching is mainly about change. Change of behavior, change in attitude and change of an overall self-concept. Life coaching is not new yet it has been only introduced in the Middle East in the late 90's. Way before that, it was introduced in sports and athletic games. It became a healthy approach to life objectives achievement, goal orientation and success later on. Many celebrities hire their own life coaches such as Oprah, Britney spears, Michel Douglas, and many others.

Coaching is none of these – it is helping to identify the skills and capabilities that are within the person, and enabling them to use them to the best of their ability – and by that increasing the independence within the individual, and reducing reliance.

We as CORE Management Consulting believe that our role is not just a business aiming for profit but we have obligation towards the whole society, so we arranged for this event. 
Certified Professional Coach in Executive and Business coaching (in March 2007 from International Coach Federation (active member of the ICF / ACTP –PCC), USA).

Certified Life Coach from YesUcan 2011.

She has an MBA in HRM from University of Canterbury & a DBA in HCM from Phoenix University in USA.

She is a member of the EgSAE - Egyptian business executives since 2006, among others such as the IAAP- International Association for Administrative professionals since 2006, USA, the Egyptian Business Association of Cairo, Egypt since 2006, the Arab Thoughts Federation based in Beirut, Lebanon since 2001., as well as The Arab writers League since 1999, Cairo, Egypt., and the Arab coaching Federation in 2011 Cairo, Egypt.
Howaida worked many  years in her field of specialty as a clinical biochemist, in KSA,  before changing her entire life and career thus moving back to Cairo where she discovered her Being is not Doing what others want from her but what she needs from herself and to live a happy satisfying life.. Helping others achieve their goals.




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